American Graffiti is a book that explores how cities throughout the United States encompass different graffiti styles. It analyzes how a tagging style can be different, as well as how piecing styles vary from each major city.

Graffiti Deconstructed is a book that explores the basic elements that compose a piece of graffiti. Through interviews, color theory, and illustration, this book gives it's audience an understanding of the process a graffiti artist goes through. Also presented is a poster of an illustration included in the book.

The objective of this project was to distinguish the English and Italian sections of this bilingual book. Based on the story of the book, the illustrations are based on sketches of typography found by chance on an unexpected trip. 

The way I approach a new project is important to me. Process shows a compilation of snippets of collages, typographic sketches, and compositional studies.

Zack MacTavish
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